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Ancient Greeks' Methods of Seeking Knowledge

Speaker: Professor Chen Cunfu
When: 09:30, April 08, 2011 ~ 11:30, April 08, 2011
Where: Room 412, the School of Humanities

Topic: Ancient Greek Methods of Seeking Knowledge: Meditation, Argumentation, Refutation and Dialogue

Hosts: Professor Gao Xuanyang, Professor Wang Jie

Speaker biography:

Chen Cunfu, Expert on history of Greek philosophy, Professor and PhD supervisor in Department of Philosophy at Zhejiang University. He has served successively as Head of Department of Philosophy, and Director of the Key Institute of Christianity and Cross-Cultural Studies, Zhejiang University. His works include the four-volume A History of Greek Philosophy (over four million characters, by four co-authors), and Christianity in China is in Transition. He has been editor-in-chief of Religious Culture (Series 1-5), and had nearly 100 academic papers published in Social Sciences in China Press and Philosophical Studies, etc.