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Outdoor Life Association: Changfeng Park Orienteering Competition

When: 13:30, April 03, 2011 ~ 15:30, April 03, 2011
Where: Changfeng Park

Fees: free

Applicable to: SJTU students, 5 persons a team, 120 persons in total.

Rule: The 5-person team starts at the outset, reaches the destinations according to the marks on the map. By completing specific tasks, you will be given scores. You should arrive at the final destination within the time limit, or will be penalized by deducting points from the total scores.

How to apply:

  • Send a message to 18801971189 via mobile phone in the format of "Name + Gender + Student No. + Phone No.", or
  • Send an E-mail to in the format above, or
  • Go to and apply on-line.

Awards for the winners:

1st Prize winners will be granted fold-away backpacks.

2nd Prize winners will be granted Swiss Army Knives.

3rd Prize winners will be granted creative wallets.

Every participant can get small presents like card readers, wall posters, mobile phones pendants, etc.