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Model UN Conference by Interpretation Association

When: 20:00, April 06, 2011
Where: Room 4-304, East Middle Teaching Building (Dongzhongyuan/东中院)

Interpretation Association is promoting their new activity-Model United Nations Conference-among SJTU students. The topic of the model Conference focuses on the Japanese earthquake which happened recently and aroused heated discussion. The activity will be held on April 6, 2011, and the enrollment deadline is set on March 29.

Topic: Japanese Earthquake

Applicable to:

Members of Interpretation Association and any students who are interested in this activity


As long as your team has been set up (3-5 participants) and team leader elected, you can apply for participation through 2 ways:

1. The team leader sends the short message to 18801971407 via mobile phone in the format of "UN + Name of the team leader + Student No. + Mobile phone No. + Names of team members and their mobile phone numbers".

Ex.: (in Chinese) "联合国 李文 50902*****  15000******        

                          组员 李二 15000******

                          李三 15000******""

2. Send the above information to via e-mail in the same format.


  • March 31, team up and elect the leader;
  • April 1, each team leader will choose one nation to be on behalf of and draft their position papers with instructions;
  • April 4, all the teams should hand in the outlines of position papers via e-mail.
  • April 5, the position papers of all the teams will be uploaded to the public e-mail box for preview.
  • April 6, Model UN Conference

Process of Activity:

  • Each team elaborates their viewpoints on the topic and presents their position papers.
  • After the last team finishes their presentation, each team can ask questions about any of the papers presented.
  • If the delegates of a team think their initial draft is reasonable, they can propose it and then Model UN will vote.
  • After the vote, a debate will be run between two delegates who approve the proposal and two who disapprove the proposal.
  • Vote again. If the proposal is passed, each team can give suggestions for the draft; if not, Step 4 to Step 6 should be repeated; if no proposal is voted through, there will be no draft in this conference.
  • The presidium announces the results.
  • The judges make comments.
  • If time allows, relevant documentary films will be played.