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Wisdom in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Speaker: Luo Dalun
When: 18:00, March 26, 2011 ~ 20:00, March 26, 2011
Where: Antai Lecture Hall, Fahua Campus

Topic: Wisdom in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Speaker biography:

Luo Dalun, Ph.D of the Department of TCM Diagnostics, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and postdoctoral of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. He has been committed to the study of TCM classics and known as "the leader of the rising generation". As a TCM scholar, Dr. Luo hopes to spread the wisdom of TCM to Chinese people.

Dr. Luo devotes himself to building a bridge between the TCM culture and modern people. To achieve this goal, he teaches the knowledge of TCM in common language. His programs about TCM on CCTV and BJTV are very popular among all walks of life, especially in the intellectual circle.

In his books and programs, Dr. Luo talks about the wisdom in TCM. He emphasizes the concept of "medical ethics". In his opinion, one can achieve the top of the career only when one gains supreme skills, which is a universal law in all professions including medicine.