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Stratification of Chinese Characters and Dynamic Analysis Method

Speaker: Professor Huang Dekuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Anhui University
When: 16:30, March 25, 2011 ~ 17:50, March 25, 2011
Where: Room 200B, No. 1 Teaching Building, Xuhui Campus

Topic: Stratification of Chinese Characters and Dynamic Analysis Method

Organizer: School of International and Public Affairs, Division for Development of Liberal Arts


The stratification of Chinese characters is proposed based on the speaker's years of study on Chinese character system. In the historical development of Chinese characters, stratification brings about a variety of diverse complexity which claim a scientific explanation based on newly established theories and methods. The speech will briefly introduce the formation and performance of stratification of the Chinese characters. It will also expound the corresponding dynamic analysis method for Chinese characters.

Speaker biography:

Dr. Huang, Professor, PhD Supervisor, and the academic leader of State Key Discipline in Chinese Philology. He is mainly engaged in the teaching and research of Chinese Etymonolgy and Paleography.

Since 1995, he has successively held the posts of Vice President, President, Secretary of the Party Committee and President concurrently, and Secretary of the Party Committee of Anhui University. He serves concurrently as member of Review Committee of the National Social Science Foundation, Vice Chairman of the MOE Advisory Board for Chinese Language Teaching, member of Language and Literature Division of Social Science Committee of MOE, and President of the Society for the Study of Chinese Characters.