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Go Sendai!—A Field Survey Report on Japan Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami

Speaker: Professor Xue Songtao, Department of Architecture, Division of Engineering, Tohoku Institute of Technology
When: 13:30, March 23, 2011
Where: Lecture Hall, 2/F, Mulan Building, School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering

Topic: Go Sendai!-A Field Survey Report on Japan Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami

Organizer: School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering

Speaker biography:

Professor Xue Songtao is director of Architectural Structure of Architecture Department in Engineering Division at Tohoku Institute of Technology, Japan. He received his PhD degree from Architecture Department of Engineering Division of Tohoku Institute of Technology in 1991. During this period, he proposed two brand new attenuation models which incorporate all previous attenuation models on seismic waves and give a general solution to the related inverse problems. This has contributed to analyzing the interaction between the structure of an atomic power station and its foundations. Thus, in 1992, he became the first Chinese to win the renowned Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists in the Japanese academia. Taking the 1995 Kobe earthquake as the node, he advocated the theory of combining and co-verifying the actual architectural structure, model structure, and numerical calculation and simulation in the field of the Japanese architectural structure. He developed and studied the long-term structural health monitoring system under complicated load. His research on response, monitoring, control of large-scale structure made him the recipient of 2000 National Science Funds for Outstanding Youth for. In 1997, he undertook the project of constructing airfield runways for Shanghai Pudong International Airport and wrote Runway Foundations- Constructing Pudong International Airport. The book series won the First Prize for Science and Technology Achievement (1999). So far, he has published over 100 papers in various magazines.