Undergraduate Programs of Chinese Language


  • Chinese Language and Culture
    The specialty focuses on Chinese language theories, skills and knowledge on Chinese culture and history, etc. and enables students to proficiently conduct spoken and written communication in modern Chinese, to understand the history and current status of Chinese society, politics, economics and culture, etc. which makes the student a real messenger for Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and cooperation.

  • Business Chinese
    The specialty is based on Chinese language theories and skills teaching, and focuses on the application of Chinese in international trade, international business and economic trades, and other professional courses. By enhancing skills training, it can meet the demand for business Chinese professionals in the context of economic globalization.

  • Financial Chinese
    Based on Chinese language theories and skills teaching, the specialty gives priority to courses concerned with practical application in financial sector and modern finance. It aims to cultivate professionals who can proficiently use Chinese to be engaged in international finance, insurance, securities and other financial services.

  • International Bilingual in both English and Chinese
    The specialty is a joint program co-devised and implemented by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and La Trobe University of Australia. It adopts "3+1" teaching mode: freshman study at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, sophomore courses in Australia as required, junior and senior studies back at SJTU until the completion of the study. Set up to meet the demand of the global talent market, the specialty has a bright future.

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