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Zhiyuan College

Zhiyuan College

Zhiyuan College, established in January 2010, offers “Zhiyuan Honors Program” to the top 5% SJTU undergraduates. Today, Zhiyuan has seven undergraduate programs: Mathematics, Physics, Life Science, Computer Science, Chemistry, Engineering and Biomedical Science.

Aiming at cultivating top-notch talents into international academic masters, Zhiyuan College has recruited a group of eminent scholars from around the world to build first-class faculty team.

Each year, Zhiyuan admits 350 students and there are 433 alumni worldwide currently, 90% of whom are pursuing further studies at top domestic and international universities and institutions. In addition to having a strong academic record, students who show a strong interest and the potential to pursue a research career are selected.

In 2014, the talent training model of Zhiyuan College won the first-class award of “National Teaching Achievement Award”; and in 2016, “Zhiyuan Model” won “Cultivating Curiosity Award” and “Natural Sciences Award” of “Reimagine Education 2016”, which is jointly hosted by Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and QS—international institution for world university rankings on education.