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School of Media and Design

School of Media and Design

Established in 2002, School of Media and Design (SMD) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University aims at educating a new generation of communication graduates who are not only equipped with critical thinking but also with creative capability. The School consists of four departments: Journalism & Communication, Film & Television, Design, and Cultural Industry & Management. To date, SMD has more than 90 faculty members. About 25% of them earned their doctoral degrees in the U.S., U.K., and other western countries. SMD also hosts more than 700 undergraduates, 300 master students, and 100 doctoral students. There are currently 324 international students in the school. Among them 104 are master or doctoral students who come from 55 countries including the U.S., U.K., France, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Pakistan etc. Many of them graduated from world prestigious universities like Princeton University, University of Chicago, University of South California and University of California-Los Angeles.

  • Department of Journalism and Communication

    The Department of Journalism and Communication has 26 professional faculty members who are experienced, passionate and dedicated to teaching and research, including 11 professors, 12 associate professors and 3 lecturers. The department has programs in undergraduate, master and doctoral levels, aiming to educate and inspire a new generation of professional and interdisciplinary trained talents in media and communication industry. The Journalism & Communication discipline was in top 100 of QS World University Rankings by Subject in 2012 and 2014 as well as in top 10 of Chinese Ministry of Education national ranking by subject in 2015. In 2017 it ranked top 4 in China in Shanghai World University Ranking by discipline.

  • Department of Film and Television

    The Department of Film and Television is backed by faculty members who are dedicated, caring and strong in teaching and research. The mission of the department is to nurture students with design thinking, global vision and professional digital communication skills. The department offers undergraduate programs, Master of Radio and Television Arts program, Master of Arts program, and PhD of Media Management program to provide a training ground for those with ambitions in film and television field. The department is proud of its flag-featured subjects: Film and Television Creation, and Film and Television Communication. In recent years, the department has output a lot of excellent film and television works.

  • Department of Cultural Industry and Management

    The Department of Cultural Industry and Management has featured its education and research in key areas of Cultural Economics, Cultural Policy, Cultural Management, Cultural Industry Theory and Practice, Cultural Marketing, Cultural Administration, and International Cultural Trade. The primary mission of the department is to train and educate professional talents who are equipped with not only extraordinary abilities in creative planning, public relation consultation, organizing and marketing, but also higher personal cultivation in culture, art and aesthetic judgment, for important cultural industries and management fields. Upon graduation, the students are able to be involved in important cultural business and management work in government’s publicity department, cultural institutions, large-sized cultural enterprises and multi-national cultural corporations.

  • Department of Design

    There are four parts in Department of Design including Industrial Design, Visual Communication, Landscape and Environmental Art and Foundation Teaching. Industrial Design major aims to integrate arts and techniques and provide creative products and services for the market. Visual Communication major is powered by a faculty of reputable professors and design experts. The aim of Landscape and Environmental Art major is to train and educate specialized environmental design talents with professional expertise. Foundation Teaching Section offers basic art courses for SMD and related majors of other schools. Design discipline was in top 50 of QS World University Rankings by Subject in 2016.