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School of International and Public Affairs

School of International and Public Affairs

School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), established in 2003 and located I the heart of downtown Shanghai, has developed itself into one of the most influential and international schools in political science and public administration in China. It is ranked as a top ten public policy school in China by the Chinese Ministry of Education. SIPA consists of four departments: Department of Comparative Politics, Department of Public Administration, Department of International Relations and Department of Public Economics & Social Policy. The school offers both academic and professional degrees in political science and public administration, including one doctoral degree program, six master’s degree programs and one MPA program (Master of Public Administration). MPA program at SIPA is one of the first of its kind among Chinese universities and well-known for its mid-career education. Currently, over 1,500 students from across the globe study at SIPA. In addition, the school also trains public officials, including many mayors and local leaders.

  • Department of Comparative Politics

    Department of Comparative Politics has 4 professors, 3 associate professors, and 6 lecturers, of which 4 are doctoral tutors. All the professors have doctoral degrees and 8 of them graduated from overseas universities. The department has 1 Yangtze River distinguished scholar and 2 chair professors. Most of the members in this department serve as vice president or executive director of the National and Provincial Research Institutions or serve as the editorial board members of important academic periodicals, both at home and abroad. The department has 1 major project of National Philosophy and Social Sciences, 1 national key project, and more than 30 national general projects and provincial and ministerial scientific research projects. The department owns more than 20 awards for Social Science Excellence in provincial and ministerial level. The department has published 300 papers in well-reputed journals like Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Chinese Social Science and Political Science Research. More than 40 monographs, translations, and textbooks have been published in English by the department. The department has 4 research bases, one of which is the Shanghai Social Science Innovation Research Base. The department receives master degree candidates in the field of Political Science (including Theory of Political Science and Chinese and Foreign Political System). At present, the focus of the department is on comparative politics and democratic development, the Taiwan issue and cross-strait relationship, Chinese government, political parties, urban grassroots governance, etc.

  • Department of International Relations

    Department of International Relations has 3 professors, 3 associate professors, and 4 lecturers. All of them hold a doctorate degree from famous universities both at home and abroad. The professors in the department have completed and managed over a number of national and provincial level projects. The department has published hundreds of articles in journals like International Organization, Journal of Historical Sociology, Asian Survey, Asian Perspective, Asian Journal of Social Science and World Economics and Politics, International Studies and other domestic and foreign-based journals. More than 10 monographs and textbooks are published in English by the department. Most of the department members serve as executive director and director of academic journals at home and abroad, or reviewers and the editorial board members of the academic community. The department has a master degree program in International Politics and International Relations and offers courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. Courses that are offered by the department include International Politics, Contemporary China Diplomacy, Political economics etc. The Department often participates in academic cooperation with the Center for Rim-Pacific Studies, Center of National Strategy Studies, Center of Japan Studies, and Center of Israel Studies on international academic forums.

  • Department of Public Administration

    There are 11 full-time teachers in this department including 1 distinguished professor, 4 professors, 4 associate professors, 2 lecturers and 1 postdoctoral candidate, and all of them have obtained doctorate degrees from universities at home and overseas. 2 of the professors have received New Century Talent award by the Ministry of Education, 2 got Shu Guang scholarship and 3 got Pu Jiang scholarship. 3 professors of the department are members of the editorial board of SSCI journals. Since 2014, the Department of Public Administration has recruited post doctors in the research area of the third sector management and social management, public administration and public policy, public safety and emergency management. Teachers in this department have a multidisciplinary background, sound educational knowledge structure, wide range of research fields, and an emphasis on comparative research and team cooperation. Over the past 10 years, the department has gained over 10 projects of the National Social Science Fund and the National Natural Science Fund, among 2 are the National Philosophy and Social Science Fund, and 3 are the National Natural Science Foundation's research projects. In addition, a number of various provincial and ministerial projects are also undertaken by the department. The academic achievements of the department are focused on internationalization and the department has published more than 30 SSCI/SCI papers and 100 EI/CSSCI papers in world-class journals. The Department of Public Administration manages teaching students at various levels, including undergraduate, graduate, MPA and doctoral programs.

  • Department of Public Economy and Social Policy

    The department has 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 lecturer, and all professors have more than one-year experience of overseas study. 3 of the professors have got their doctoral degree from foreign countries. The department has 1 academic leader and other professors serve as a permanent member, directors and other positions in Shanghai Administrative Society, Society for Labor and Social Security and other academic organization. Most of the professors have completed and presented a large number of philosophy and social science research projects at national and provincial levels. The department undertakes a key project of the National Social Sciences Fund, and various projects of Shanghai Municipal government. The department has won a number of outstanding teaching awards. In recent years, papers are published in SSCI and CSSCI journals like International Review of Administrative Sciences and Chinese Administration. A number of monographs, translations of textbooks, books, and textbooks are also published by the department. The courses offered by the department are Public Economics, Sociology and Public Management courses for undergraduate and graduate students.