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School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE) has a glorious history dating back to 1928. Inspired by the mottos “Prudence, Pragmaticality, Erudition, Innovation” at SCCE, we have been highly successful in the development of academic disciplines, research, and education excellence. After years of efforts, we have so far more than 160 faculty members, among whom there are four academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, two chair professors supported by the “Thousand Talents Program”, and 11 experts supported by the “Thousand Young Talents Program”; a large number of scholars are supported by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the “Cheung Kong Scholars Program”, the “National 973 Project”, the “National Science Fund for Outstanding Scholars”, etc. We provide comprehensive education programs including three undergraduate programs, four postgraduate programs(two master and two Ph.D. programs), visiting student programs and post-doctoral programs. With its energetic faculty and various education programs, SCCE has been considered as one of the long-standing educators in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering in China.

  • The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering

    The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering was founded in the early 70’s. Currently, the department has a complete set of degree programs ranging from bachelor, master to doctor and a post-doctoral station. Its majors include: the structure and properties, design and modification, synthesis and characterization, processing and applications, of polymer materials. The department aims to develop new materials and new applications to meet the needs of national economic development. Students will explore the impacts of the polymerization technology and master modern analytical and processing techniques.

  • The Department of Chemical Engineering

    The Department of Chemical Engineering was founded in 1946, and the first director was Prof. Yuan-Fu Shu, a prestigious scientist in extraction area and an academician of Chinese Academy of Science. The department was rebuilt in 1979. The department holds a unique position between fundamental researches and application. The future chemical engineers study chemical reactions and how to transfer them to full-scale production; and have a solid foundation of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology so as to collaborate with other engineering disciplines such as computer, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering.

  • The Department of Chemistry

    The Department of Chemistry was first founded in 1928. In recent years, with the support of the national “211” and “985” projects, the department has made great achievements. At present, the department has a comprehensive system of education programs including the undergraduate and the postgraduate programs. The department has been responsible for many national key projects, including the natural science fund projects, the national “863” and “973” projects. High-level faculty, active academic thoughts, advanced experimental methods and devices make the department become a leading educator in chemistry.