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School of Agriculture and Biology

School of Agriculture and Biology

School of Agriculture and Biology, established in 1959, has 5 departments including Food Science & Engineering, Resource and Environment, Landscape Architecture, Plant Sciences and Animal Sciences. Currently, the school has more than 1100 students and 147 full time faculties (143 doctors, 50 professors). It offers 5 bachelor degree subjects (Plant Science, Animal Science, Food Science and Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Resource and Environmental Science), 6 master degree subjects (Food Science and Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Ecology, Animal Husbandry, Agriculture Extension), and 5 doctoral degree subjects (Horticulture, Animal Science and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Ecology, Regional Planning and LA Design). The school has established close relationships with more than 30 world-renowned universities. It offers student exchange programs, 2+2 dual bachelor degree programs, joint PH.D programs, etc. The overall international co-operations in SAB provides students and faculties a wide internationalized platform for academic and research.

  • Department of Plant Science

    The subject of Plant Science focuses on the study of rules of plant genetics,the mechanism of plant growth, the application of modern biotechnology and germplasm innovation which aim to improve the productive potential. The research areas include plant germplasm resources and molecular breeding, horticulture plant development biology, facility garden engineering and technology, horticultural crops cultivation and ecological security, etc.

  • Department of Animal Science

    The subject of Animal Science focuses on training students to master the knowledge, research methods ad skills in modern biotechnology, information technology, animal breeding, fodder, disease prevention and treatment. The main research areas include animal genetic breeding and reproduction, animal nutrition and feed science, microbial and environmental hygiene, etc.

  • Department of Landscape and Architecture

    The subject of Landscape and Architecture, as an integrated subject, revolves around planning and design of landscape merging humanistic sociology, aesthetics, ecology, botany and environmental geology. The main research areas include ecological planning, landscape planning and design, garden history and theory, garden art, landscape architecture, ornamental plant species improvement and innovation, landscape plant application, etc.

  • Department of Resources and Environment

    The subject of Resources and Environment Science is a systematic subject focusing on natural and agricultural production resources and basic application of ecological and environmental science. It aims to apply the reasonable use of resources and environment protection to production and environment construction and to cultivate the innovative talents with the knowledge and practical competence in urban modern agriculture and forestry technology and resources and environment science and engineering. The main research areas include plant protection, rural sewage treatment, soil chemistry, pollutant remediation, low-carbon agriculture, biomass energy, environmental pollution monitoring and detection, etc.

  • Department of Food Science and Engineering

    The subject of Food Science and Engineering focuses on the research of raw-food materials, food processing and quality control and security in food circulation and consumption. The main research areas include food safety, storage and processing of agricultural products, functional food and dairy science. Now the department has two international cooperation center including Bor S.Luh Food Safety Research Center and MOST-USDA Joint Research Center for Food Safety.