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New Chinese Course

The New Chinese Course is especially designed for the students who come from Europe or America, and who are not familiar with the Chinese writing system. For most languages, like English or French, learning to speak and learning to read are very similar tasks as words are constructed from the alphabet. For Chinese, it is not the same, as Chinese characters are a part or very different writing system from the alphabet. This requires different methods of learning spoken Chinese and Chinese reading.
First, the New Chinese Course will concentrate on spoken Chinese. It integrates the traditional classroom teaching method with oral discussion about different subject matters in order to develop the practical verbal skills of students in communication; and assist students to apply Chinese Mandarin in expressing specific topics effectively.
Second, the New Chinese Course will help you gain a good level of basic Chinese characters in a new way and it will also help you understand the Chinese character system well. In the beginning, the characters' studying will be slower than the normal course, but you may catch up later.

Through one academic year of study the beginner should be able to:
•  Use Chinese Pinyin correctly and grasp the pronunciation of Mandarin;
•  Understand comprehensively the conversations of daily life and specific topics;
•  Use Mandarin to make social communications, express one's purpose clearly, and explain the highlights of a matter;
•  Understand the basic grammatical structure of Chinese Mandarin and accumulate a vocabulary of more than 1,500 words and phrases;
•  Get informed of the China today and understand Chinese culture;
•  Have a basic understanding of Chinese character structure and recognize a certain number of basic Chinese characters.

Sixteen course weeks each semester, five days per week, totaling 20 class hours for the courses

Optional Courses
Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Painting, Chinese Songs, Shanghai Dialect, Pronunciation Skills, etc.
Methods and books: Apart from the traditional teaching methods and multi-media assistance in classroom instructions, seminars will be introduced as a teaching model from the 2nd semester. Some of the instructional materials are provided in the form of handouts as well as the special written course books.

Enrollment Time
Spring semester is from February to July, enrollment before Dec.15.
Autumn semester is from September to January of next year, enrollment before June 15 .

RMB 9,900 per semester, equivalent to US$1650. For more detail, please see the tuition payment.

Registration Fee
RMB 450, equivalent to US$85.

No accommodation for non-degree program students, please rent an apartment by yourself.