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Yang You

Yang You

Designing and Manufacturing of Oceanographic Structures in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering



Born in Beijing in Oct.1917, Professor Yang is an expert in design and manufacture of naval architecture and ocean cargo. Graduated summa cum laude from the University of Glasgow, he became a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980, and currently is a professor in School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering of SJTU. He has directed the design of patrol boating 'Ying Zhou', 15000 ton self discharging coal carrier, 5000 ton short range ocean cargo ship, 15000 ton economical ocean going cargo ship, etc. He compiled the first Code of Ship Stability. Since 1963, Professor Yang has supervised his graduate students in systematic experiments on passive antirolling tank, and the achievements have been widely applied. In the mid 1970s, he started the research on water carriage and oceaneering system and to the economic consultation. He initiated developing computer integrated system in designing ocean going cargo ships. The “Program of Major Measure Analysis” and “Model and Line Designing Program” which are made under the effort of Professor Yang, have incorporated into this system, making key contributions to computer-aided design of shipbuilding of China.