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Xu Zuyao

Xu Zuyao

Materials Science



T.Y.Hsu (Xu Zuyao), born in 1921, in Ningbo Zhejiang, is an internationally well-known expert in materials science. From October1938 to July 1942, he studied in the Department of Metallurgy, National Yunnan University and graduated with a degree of B. S. He has been associate professor, professor and head of the office and dean respectively in Tangshan Jiao Tong University, Beijing University of Iron and Steel Technology, and in Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Department of Materials Science, SJTU. Now Professor Xu is a member of the Academic Committee of SJTU and professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering. In October 1995, he was selected member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is also honorary professor in six other universities, such as Nanjing University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong. Professor Xu has long been devoted to the study on the fundamental theories of materials science and applications. As the leading figure of materials science in the world, he has achieved a lot in the researching areas such as Martensitic Transformations, Bainite Transformations and Materials thermodynamics and Form Memory Materials. He has published 8 books of more than 2,800,000 words, more than 400 papers in China and other countries. Lots of his achievements are widely quoted by scholars of materials science around the world. Ever since 1983, he has been member and honorable member of International Advisory Committee of Martensitic Transformations and later become a member of International Committee of Bainite. He has been editor and consultant of Metallography (now called Materials Characterization) and ISIJ, Inter. For many times, Professor Xu has invited to be member, special reporter and Acting President of the International Advisory Board. In 1989, he was appointed as a visiting professor at the Department of Metallurgy and Materials in Leuven University by the Belgium Academy of Science. Ever since 1980, he has been in charge of more than ten projects of Sixth Five-year Science Achievement, Science Foundation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Xu alone has finished the research on Martensitic Transformations for which he was awarded the third prize of National Natural Science Prize of China in 1987. This research achievement was selected into 100 Cases of Primary Researches in China. And other 3 achievement of Professor Xu, such as research on Form Memorizing Alloy, won the first and second prizes of Achievement in Science and Technology of China issued by National Education Commission respectively. Two achievements selected in to “Selective Collection of Excellent Achievement”, were prized the 1986 to 1990 Excellent Achievement sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China. The book, The Principles of Phase Change, has won the first prize of Achievement in Science and Technology (of books) issued by National Education Commission in 1998 and 1999 respectively. Presently, he works on “Martensitic Transformations of Nano Materials” a program sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation. After 1997, Professor Xu has made further important discovery in the above mentioned fields and has attracted great attention from scientists in China and abroad. In 2000, he was awarded the HLHL Prize.