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Xiang Kunsan

Xiang Kunsan

Endocrine Metabolism



Professor Xiang Kunsan is a famous expert on endocrinology and metabolism in China. He is now director of Shanghai Diabetes Institute, chief of Shanghai Clinical Diabetes Medical Center, vice chairman of the Study Group of Molecular Diabetology in Asia, and chairman of the Diabetes Society of Chinese Medical Association (National). Over the years, Professor Xiang has made a series of achievements in the field of diabetes research: in 1991, he and Graeme Bell located the first gene in patients with early-onset diabetes mellitus in chromosome 20; In 1998, he made the first molecular etiology of diabetes research in China. It was he who first found that the mitochondrial diabetes mellitus in Chinese people represent its prevalence rate in the Chinese people, and he applied the gene technology into clinical diagnosis. He also screened for MODY genes and found MODI mutation family in Chinese people. Besides, he found 2 susceptibility genes of type 2diabetes with significant connection in type-2 diabetes in Chinese population. In the study of type 2 diabetes related metabolic syndrome in Chinese people, he first identified the body fat distribution with the disease and described the characteristics of glucose stimulated insulin secretion in Chinese people. He also conducted the association study of Type 2 diabetes and its complications for the 38 candidate genes and observed the influence of the synergies between genes on clinical phenotype. On such basis, he constantly works hard to improve the diagnosis, monitoring and prevention system metabolism of clinical diabetes. Eleven of his research findings have gained the scientific and technological progress awards of the national level or the provincial and ministry level. He published 218 papers, among which 16 articles are included in SCI and are cited by 180 papers. He was elected Model Worker of Shanghai In 1981 and 1990. In 1983, he won the award of the National Health Worker and in 1990 he was regarded as one of the Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions by the National Ministry of Personnel, and he also won the May 1 Labor Medal in the same year. In 2003, he won Shanghai Medical Award and was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.