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Pan Jiansheng

Pan Jiansheng

Material Processing Engineering



Professor Pan Jiansheng, 66 years old, now teaches in the field of heat treatment processing and equipment at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in December 2001.

One of his main achievements is the establishment of a mathematical model reflecting complicate states that came up in a heat treatment processing by integrating heat treatment theory, numerical analysis, elasto-plastics mechanics, fluid mechanics and software engineering etc. with the knowledge of material science. He is the first in China and abroad to apply the simulation technology by computer in complicate heat treatment of complex parts to solve difficult problems in real production and promote the conversion of heat treatment technology from experience-based to the type based on precise scientific computation.

Professor Pan has been doing researches on thermal technology for all his life.

“I did not get the official confirmation that I had been elected academician. And it is from a journalist's photos of me that I got the news.” Professor Pan downplays his election as academician and talks with reserve. He says, “I will never take it for glory, but it means I have more responsibility to shoulder.”

But when mentioning his research area, he would always be excited. “The research field I am now sticking to probably is one of the oldest ones of the human being, for ever since the invention of knife in the world, there was the primary thermal processing. However, the research in the true sense had not come into being until the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.”

This old professor has been doing researches on thermal processing ever since his graduation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1959. He almost takes it as part of his life. In his laboratories and office, colorful pictures of thermal processing can be found on walls.

His laboratory is possibly the base for thermal processing in Shanghai Jiao Tong University because his precise attitude toward doing research and his patience with tutoring students makes the laboratory an open center for consultations. He gives suggestions to not only his PhD students but also postgraduates and even technicians from manufacturing enterprises.

“The responsibilities of researchers lie in not only tutoring students but also in functioning in real social production.” Altogether, the complex hardware and computer modeling of thermal processing created by Professor Pan have been applied to solving production problems of more than 20 factories, and it yield an economic profit of 150,000,000 Yuan.

Research field

  • Informationalization of the modifiability of material producing
  • The mathematic model and computer modeling of heat treatment.