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Ge Xiurun

Ge Xiurun

Rock Mechanics



Ge Xiurun, born in 1934, is an expert on Rock Mechanics. He graduated from the Odessa Civil Engineering Institute of Water Conservancy Department in the former Soviet Union in 1959. He completed research work together with the founder of the International Rock Mechanics Association, Professor L. Muller, in the Soil and Rock Mechanics Research Institute of Germany Karlsruhe University from 1981 to 1982 and won a research scholarship of the German Homburg Fund. In 1995, he became Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Professor Ge Xiurun was one of the earliest scholars to introduce the finite element method in China's rock mass engineering. The nonlinear analysis of the cave groups during the construction of the underground workshop of the 511 Project in 1973 was the first case to employ the finite element into large underground engineering in China.

The finite element method has also played an important role in the nonlinear analysis of the anti-sliding stabilization for the Er Jiang Sluice Gate of Gezhou Dam in 1974. The 3D nonlinear analysis of the rock gravity arch dam for the river separation of the Qingjiang River won Ge the National Science and Technology Advancement Award in 1990. He is member of the Specially-Invited Expert Committee for the ship lock's high-sided slope of China's Three Gorges Project and took charge of the completion of the 3D analysis on elasticity, fragility and ductility of the ship lock's high-sided slope of the Three Gorges Project.