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Fan Dianyuan

Fan Dianyuan




Professor Fan has made long and arduous efforts on the research and application of high power solid-state laser. As one of the chief directors, he has succeeded in developing the “Shen Guang"serial Nd-glass laser device, whose output power was up to trillions, which has made great contribution to the development of the research in high power laser technology and laser-induced fusion in China.

He has made a series of advanced achievements in scheme design and optical engineering, theories and applications of beam transformation, interaction between intense laser radiation and matters. He was honorably awarded, in order of time, Chen Jiageng Prize, Special Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Prize (1st) for Scientific and Technological Progress.

For his excellent work, he was entitled “Young and Middle-aged Expert," which is only granted to people qualified for National Expert with Distinguished Achievements for the Middle Age and the Youth, advanced worker of “The State 863 Program" “National Outstanding Scientific and Technical Worker." He is now the chief engineer for the “Shen Guang III" project and chairman of “the National 863-413 Program" overall technology subject. He has supervised 57 graduate students.