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Dai Kerong

Dai Kerong

Orthopaedic Surgery and Orthopaedic Biomechanics



Dai Kerong, Male, born in June, 1934, graduated from Shanghai First Medical School of Medicine, is currently member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, tenured professor and doctorate supervisor, dean of Ninth Hospital Medical School attached to Shanghai Second Medical University, director of Shanghai Medical Center of Joint Surgery and of the Bone and Joint Research Center, director of Plant Engineering Research Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University-Shanghai Second Medical University. He once worked as president of the World Chinese-Speaking Orthopaedic Society, president and secretary general of the Asia-Pacific Arthroplasty Society, trustee of the AO Foundation, vice-president of International Bio-material Association, council member of Chinese Medical Association, vice-chairman of Chinese Society of Orthopaedics, council member of Chinese Association of Bio-Mechanics, dean of Shanghai Research Society of Prosthetic Medical Engineering, etc. Besides, he is also the only member (elected in 2000) of American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) in the Mainland, the only member in China and the third member in Asia of HIS (elected in 1996). In 2002, he was appointed as honorary professor of Mediterranean University with the approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Public Health of France. Due to his outstanding achievement in the fields of medical application of shape-memory alloy, orthopaedic Biomechanics, bone-Osteoporosis, etc., he has won 21 prizes including Chinese National Invention Prize (Second Prize), National Science and Technology Prize, the first prize granted by National Educational Committee, Shanghai Municipal Scientific and Technological Prize, etc. and has 9 patents. Moreover, he was awarded the first Shanghai Invention Prize, the Outstanding Visiting Scholar to Hong Kong in 1997 and Shanghai Medical Honorary Prize. Dai has published 345 papers, including 90 papers as the first author. He has also compiled 22 books and worked as chief editor, deputy editor, or contributor on 15 Journals such as Journal of Medical Biomechanics, Chinese Journal of Orthopedics, Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics, and Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery, etc. Since 1979, 3 of his students were granted Post-doctorate, 25 Ph.D and 14 Master's degrees under his supervision. Currently, he is supervising 8 PHD candidates and 2 post-doctorate candidates.