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[Nan Yang Vision] Photo Stories of “Learning From Lei Feng”

          2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Lei Feng’s death. Photo stories about learning from Lei Feng activities with loving care at SJTU feature this issue of Nanyang Vision.


Story Two: Lei Feng House

In the Commercial Street (Shangye Jie) a green house – Aixin House (Love House) is situated. These days, it has a warm name – “Lei Feng House”. The public welfare projects here are uniquely named, “Yixin Yiyi”(kindly feelings in garment donation) for collecting clean hand-me-down, “Tushu Piaoliu” (Book Drift) for retrieving used books, “Jiaoyou Lian’ai” (making friends through bike resale) for recycling second-hand bikes, “Aixin Xuetang”(Benevolence Classroom) for free tutoring, teaching of migrant workers’ children and summer aid education, “Zhaoyi Xishi” (The Lost and Found Box) for collecting property lost on campus and releasing information. “Lei Feng House” also gives students involved in public welfare certain “Love Coin” as reward to encourage more people to join the volunteer.