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[Nan Yang Vision] Photo Stories of “Learning From Lei Feng”

          2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Lei Feng’s death. Photo stories about learning from Lei Feng activities with loving care at SJTU feature this issue of Nanyang Vision.


Story One: In the Nursing Home

It was a rainy day on March 3. Nine volunteers from SJTU Youth Volunteers Association traversed half of Shanghai and headed for Ganquan Hongli Nursing House despite the bad weather. For them – vigorous and passionate SJTU students, every day is “Learn from Lei Feng Day”. Since last year, the excursion from SJTU Minhang Campus to Hongli Nursing House in Putuo District by transferring three metro lines has become their weekly “compulsory subject”. The aged watched the programs which were meticulously arranged by volunteers and their faces shone with happiness.