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Zhou Cheng
zhou cheng

Zhou Cheng

Discipline Inspection and Supervision, Campus Safety and Security, Complaints and Proposals, and assisting in Assisting in Managing Audit   



Dr. Cheng ZHOU, male, Han ethnic group, born in April 1967, Shanghai. He is the Associate Professor and supervisor of Master students. Now he serves as the Deputy Secretary of the CPC of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and Secretary of SJTU Commission for Discipline Inspection. Majored in Russian Language and Literature of School of Russian (now the School of Russian and Eurasian Studies), Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), Cheng ZHOU achieved his Bachelor of Arts in 1989 and in 1992 he got his Master degree. In 2004, he studied on International Relations at SISU Middle East Studies Institute and achieved his Doctoral degree of Judicial Science in 2007. He is engaged in researches on Russian language and culture and international issues. Dr. ZHOU served as Associate Director of SISU Russian Department, Secretary of SISU Communist Youth League Committee, member of Shanghai Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, member of the Standing Committee of Federation of Youth in Hong Kou District, Director of SISU Office of CPC Publicity, Director of SISU Office of Human Resources and SISU Vice President.