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Wang Weiming
Wang Weiming

Wang Weiming

Students Affairs and Career Development; University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Logistic Service; Campus Management; High-level Sports Teams and Students Art Troupes; Construction of neoBay into Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Nesting Zone; Assisting in Managing Reform and Development,  University-Local Governments Collaboration 





Weiming Wang, male, Han Ethnic, is Associate Professor, PhD supervisor and Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University as well as member of the Standing Committee of the CPC SJTU Committee.

He received his doctoral degree of engineering, majoring in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, from School of Mechanical Engineering of SJTU in 2006. Subsequently, he finished his postdoctoral research in School of Mechanical Engineering in 2008 and then became a faculty member in SJTU. He had been Secretary of Communist Youth League Committee, Director of University-Local Cooperation Office,Secretary of Student Affairs Steering Committee, Director of Student Affairs Department, Director of President Office, Director of University Office ,Director of Informatization Promotion Office in SJTU, etc.

Associate Professor Weiming Wang’s research interests focus on Machine Vision and Human-Robot Collaborative Manipulation. He has been supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Due to his participation and contribution, he has received several important awards as participants, including the first prize of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the first prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award, etc.