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Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute

Shanghai Zizhu Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute (AITRI) is an independent institutional corporate co-founded by Minhang District Government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Located in the Greater Zizhu Area including Minhang campus and in Zizhu Science and Technology Park, AITRI, when fully completed, will cover an area of about 600 acres. AITRI focuses on four areas: new energy, advanced manufacturing and new materials, digital information technology and health care. There are several public service platforms within AITRI, including Intelligence of Economic Knowledge (IEK), Intellectual Property Office, Investment Fund Club and Projects Clustering Division. The first batch of research institutes AITRI housed within include National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television, National Energy Smart Grid (Shanghai) R & D Centers, the Wind Power Research Center, The National Engineering Laboratory for Automotive Electronic Control Technology, The National Engineering Laboratory of Information Analysis and many others. The first round of projects settled in AITRI include Cross-Strait Broadband Wireless Communications Test Network R&D Center, Forging Engineering Technology Center, Nano Thin Film Solar Cell R & D Center, Xin’ao Clean Energy (Shanghai) Joint R & D Center and the like. Serving as a bridge linking industries and technologies, AITRI aims to form a new pattern that allows industry to promote and initiate technological breakthroughs and allow these technologies to trigger industrial development.  AITRI is committed to promoting high-tech pioneer studies, thereby tapping potential market demand, and leading the development of new industries.