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Manufacturing Equipment and Facilities

Transverse Displacement Measuring Device for Elevator Cage Guide

Introduction: This is a real-time measuring device for the transverse displacement of vertical elevator with high precision (with a minimum resolution of 0.1mm). It is utilized to measure the real-time and equal-interval transverse displacement of elevator cage guide rails with a precision of about 100ms when the elevator is running. With the data collected, the device can be used to calibrate the elevator to be vertical.

Technical specifications (innovative features): This technology enables the measuring device for the transverse displacement of elevator guide rails to improve its measuring precision, to locate the center of the spots after it receives only a half or less than a half of the image, and to have a real-time image display and processing.

Application domain: elevator

Technical field: optical, mechanical and electronic integration

Elevator Displacement

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

Introduction: Based on the reverse Carnot cycle, an air source heat pump water heater is able to absorb low-temperature heat from the air through the working fluid with a minimal amount of electricity and pressurize it into high-temperature heat through the compressor. The heat will then be used to make hot water. The compressor can take in the heat which is three times the electricity consumed. The thermal efficiency of the air source heat pump water heater is four times that of an electronic water heater.

Technical specification (innovative features): On the average, the COP of the air source heat pump water heater is 3 in winter, 4 during the transition period between the seasons and 5 in summer. The average annual COP is 4. With the optimal throttle performance, the air source heat pump water heater is highly efficient, energy-saving, reliable and regionally adaptable.

Industrialization and market prospects: Cooperation has been established with some enterprises to produce the air source heat pump water heater. The air source heat pump water heater has been installed in residences, hotels and other public buildings in the Yangtze River Delta.

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater


The Hydraulic Hybrid Bus

Introduction: The hydraulic hybrid bus is a new type of city public bus with high fuel efficiency and low carbon emission. It can save fuel by over 20% and reduce the black smoke and other emissions by over 35%. Under the current bus driving cycles in big cities, this technology can be applied to a public bus whether it is diesel-powered or petrol-powered, or even fueled by new energies such as dimethyl ether, ethanol, biomass, electricity and others. The hydraulic hybrid bus now has the biggest advantage to be promoted as fuel-saving and emission-cutting bus. It has been awarded the New Energy-saving Technology Product Prize in the 2nd China Bus Fuel Economy Contest and the First Prize in the trial competition of the 20th Shanghai Outstanding Inventions Contest.

Technical specification (innovative features): Under the current bus cycles in big cities, the hydraulic hybrid bus can save fuel by over 20% and reduce the black smoke and other emissions by over 35%..

Application domain: city public buses

Technical field: new energies and fuel economy, resources and environmental protection

The High-Efficiency Vacuum Sweeper

Introduction: Replacing the traditional road sweeper, the high-efficiency vacuum sweeper cleans the road and sucks the dust in the pure absorption mode. It is able to handle relatively large areas and to prevent the secondary flying dust. It can be utilized in industries of metallurgy, chemical, construction, food, sanitation, etc. as well as in factories, at ports and depots, on the street and the highway, etc. The highly efficient vacuum sweeper has independent IPR and can compete at the international level.

Technical specification: The high efficient vacuum sweeper can ameliorate the working environment, promote a good corporate image, meet the cleaning needs and reduce the dust recycling cost. One sweeper can replace 30 workers and save 30,000 CNY a year on cleaning machine renovation.

Application domain: cleaning and dust recycling

Technical field: new energies and fuel economy, resources and environmental protection

High-Efficiency Vacuum Sweeper

New Energies and Environment Protection

Suspension Sand-trap Mud-filtering Water Protecting Device

Introduction: This invention discloses a water quality protection device by stopping sands and filtering mud including floaters, a main cable, a sub-cable, a side pillar, a sink box, a flexible net, a heaving beam, a filter film or a waterproof film, among which, the floaters on the water surface connected with the main cable, both ends of which are fastened on the side pillar of a seaside resort, the sink box is fixed at the bottom of the sea, one end of the sub-cable is connected with the main cable and the other with the sink box at the bottom. The upper edge of the flexible net is hung on the main cable, and the heavy beam is set at the lower edge of the net imbedded in the sea. The filter film and the waterproof film are set on the flexible net, which can stop mud sand and rubbish from entering into the resort effectively.

Technical Specification (Innovative features): The water level is the same on two sides of the flexible net, which will not violate the seascape. Simply structured, the device is easy to apply with small investment.

Application domain: Construction of bathing beaches.

Technical field: Resources and environment protection

Suspension Sand-trap Mud-filtering Water Protecting Device

Improvement Method of fountain Field with Mush

Introduction: The improvement method of fountain field with mush belongs to the field of water conservancy technology. The present invention includes mounting fountain separating well or isolating pipe reaching the underground water layer in the fountain site, forming water separating structure of tamped clay around the well or isolating pipe, and draining foundation water with pipe to ditch or river lower than the field. The method can drain fountain water via natural flow, avoid soil and fertilizer running out, avoid mush and protect farm field.

Technical specifications (Innovative features): The device is easy to implement and highly effective, with little cost of time and money. The problems of mush and cold soaking are solved. It will increase the grain output and strengthen the effects of fertilizer.

Application domain: Farmland irrigation and water conservancy.

Technical field: Resources and environment protection.

Information Technology

AVS Video Decoder

Introduction: The AVS video decoder designed by MediaSoC Lab meets the need for high definition video, which can be applied to major information industries such as high definition television (HDTV), WLAN multimedia communication and broadband Internet streaming media. This AVS video decoder adopts new techniques like efficient graded pipelining and new method of memory mapping, to shorten processing time and improve hardware utilization.

Technical specification (Innovative features): The AVS video decoder supports AVS video code standard 6.0. Its structure can decode 30F/s, 1920*1080, 4:2:0 AVS code stream in real time.

Application domain: It can be applied to primary information industries such as high definition television (HDTV), WLAN multimedia communication and broadband Internet streaming media.

Technical field: Electronics & information.

Process Map

Software System of Interactive-virtual Assembly

Introduction: IVAE is a software system emulating the interactive assembly process. Based on visual-practical techniques and CAD technique, it provides a comprehensive simulation platform for different needs, including assembly process simulation , assembly sequence planning, assembly path planning, assembly operation process generation, and assembly operation training of complex products. The product assembly model designed with CAD technique by the users can enter into a VR environment through the specialized interface. In VR, users can conduct interactive assembly operation with the help of peripherals such as trackers and data glove and thus successfully achieve the assemblability evaluation, assembly process planning, and assembly operation training, etc.

Technical Specification (Innovative features): Visual-reality technology and CAD technique offer a comprehensive simulation platform for different needs, including emulation of assembly process of complicated products, planning of assembly sequence, planning of assembly route, generation of assembly handling craftsmanship, training of assembly handling, so on and so forth.

Application domain: the assembly aided design of complex products, such as the outfitting design of ships, evaluation of entire car assembly, and the digital-analog coordination of the car.

Technical field: Optical, mechanical and electronic integration



New Nanofluids Heat Pipe used for Cooling the Electronic Device

Introduction: Specific nanofluids are used as working medium of heat pipe used for cooling electronic device such as computer CPU, which can significantly improve maximum cooling power and reduce component temperature. Cooling efficiency and cooling power can be increased more than double without changing heat pipe structure.

Technical Specifications (Innovative Features):Cooling efficiency and cooling power can be increased more than double without changing heat pipe structure.

Application domain: Various Electronic Devices

Technical field: New Energies & Energy Saving and High Efficiency

Nanofluids Heat Pipe


Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Material

Introduction: Odorless and non-toxic, Polyethylene feels like wax and resists low temperature (minimum using temperature as low as -70 to -100 °C). It can resist the erosion of most acids and alkalines (oxidizing acids excluded) with good chemical stability and is insoluble in common solvents at room temperature. It has weak water absorption ability and excellent electrical insulation property; the shortcomings are that the mechanical strength is not high and the heat deflection temperature is very low, which makes it unable to load high. By compositing with glass fiber, mechanical properties and thermal properties of the materials are increased significantly.

Technical Specification (Innovative Features): Glass fiber reinforced polyethylene material has a tensile strength of 73MPa, impact strength of 14KJ/m2 and heat deflection temperature of 130 °C, and it can match the engineering plastics Nylon in property.

Application domain: Pipe Materials

Technical field: New Materials

Biological Engineering Medicine

Compound System Implanter Unit for Local Tissue Engineering

Introduction: The invention discloses a local structure engineering compound system implantation unit in the medical engineering domain, which comprises the following parts: polylactic acid/ Gegenbaur's osteoblast architecture and titanium/titanium ball-bioactivity ceramics architecture, wherein the polylactic acid/ Gegenbaur's osteoblast architecture is formed by compositing of polylactic acid slice and autologous Gegenbaur's osteoblast forming by external evoking; the equidistant feed-through is spread all over the polylactic acid slice; the titanium/titanium ball-bioactivity ceramics architecture includes titanium ball texture surface, round feed-through and metal base, bioactivity ceramic film; the titanium ball texture surface is formed with titanium ball in parallel array; the titanium ball corresponds to feed-through of polylactic acid slice; the bioactivity active ceramic film is covered on titanium ball texture surface, inner surface of round feed-through and the surface of metal base. The invention can assemble on laborer joint surface, which replaces artificial bone replacement to restore bone defection.)

Technical Specification (Innovative features): the combination of biomedical inert metal materials and its alloy surface activation techniques with the guided bone regeneration technique

Application domain: laborer joint surface or replacing artificial bone replacement to restore bone defection

Technical field: biomedicine

Roof Lawn Used as Putting Green of Golf

Introduction:A roof lawn used as the putting green of golf is sequentially from bottom to top composed of a water-proof layer consisting of two building fibre net layers and one plastic film layer between said two fibre net layers, a water draining layer made of pebbles, a filter layer made of non-woven cloth, a soil matrix layer made of sand and organic fertilizer, and a lawn layer.

Application domain: urban roof, golf fitness and places for entertainment

Technical field: new energies and high efficiency & energy saving

Consumer Goods

Aquarium-type Sanitary Water Tap

Introduction: An aquarium-type sanitary water tank in household goods technology art comprises a front chamber as a tank for fish, and a back chamber as a tank for operating mechanism, which are spaced with each other by glass there between. An array of circle pore spaces is provided beneath the spaced glass to communicate waters between the front chamber and the back chamber. The utility model is a novel sanitary water tank to perform both storing water or discharging water for flushing and fish-farming for viewing and admiring, both beautifying household environment and saving water resources, by installing on a wall of a washroom via a support or over a toilet closet directly, thus has better social benefit and economic benefit.

Market prospect of industrialization: It has a bright market prospect and realizes the integration of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Application domain: the invention can be widely used in residences, offices, hotels and other civil buildings, especially villas, restaurants and places of entertainment.

Technical field: daily life.

Natural Ventilation Lift Cage

Introduction: The present invention belongs to the field of ventilation engineering technology, and the naturally ventilating lift cage includes interlinked upper and lower controlled air door, upper and lower air intake channel, filter, netted electric heater, orifice plate air supply port, movable shutter air port, life cage door and lift cage.

Technical specification (Innovative features):The present invention has saving in energy, no blower noise, and greatly improves the air quality inside the lift cage.

Application domain: Engineering of high-rise lift

Field of technology: Optical, mechanical and electronic integration