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SJTU Research Result Elected 2017 China Top10 Optical Progress

March 22, 2018      Author: Qi Kaiyue

The research result of SJTU Professor Chen Jianping's team, Silicon based integrated wide range continuous tunable caching chip was recently selected as "2017 China Top10 Optical Progress (Applied Research Category)". "China Top10 Optical Progress", initiated by Chinese Laser Press, aims to introduce domestic researchers' papers of important academic and applied value published in well-known academic journals in the field of optics, in order to promote the spreading of optical results. It has been held for 13 sessions so far.

Si-based OEIC is a new technology developed at the beginning of this century, and also one of the most promising mainstream technologies in integrated optics. Prof. Chen's team, under the support of National 973 Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China and Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, has created digitally programmable chip with nanosecond-level optical delay for the first time globally through the adoption of Si-based integrated technology. This research result was reported by Nature Photonics as a research highlight (Vol. 8, Nov. 2014).

Compared with the existing highest level in the world, the chip has the advantages of low loss, large range of continuous adjustment, high stability, high resolution and high adjustment efficiency. 


Translated by Zhang Qianqian  Reviewed by Wang Bingyu