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Opening Ceremony of 2017 Freshmen was Grandly Held

September 10, 2017      Author: Jiang Qianqian

On Sep. 10th, the opening ceremony of the 2017 SJTU freshmen was held in Fok Ying Tung Sports Center. Gathered at the ceremony included over 10,000 freshmen from all over the world and school leaders Jiang Sixian, Lin Zhongqin, Cai Wei, Wu Dan, Huang Zhen, Zhang Ansheng, Hu Jin, Xu Xuemin, Gu Feng, Xi Lifeng and leaders of departments, teacher representatives and parent representative.

Lin Zhongqin, SJTU President and Deputy Secretary of the University Party, delivered a keynote speech titled with “Aiming High and Striving for the Best”. He pointed that he four years in college is a very precious growing stage of one’s life. It does not only mean the extension and improvement of one’s knowledge, ability and quality, but also mean the enlightenment of wisdom and spirit and establishment of spirit and personality.

Mao Junfa, Dean of School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering made a speech as a teacher representative. He said that the lofty status and historical mission of SJTU decided that students present here should set a high goal to become the leading figures of all trades and professions. He hoped that SJTUers can keep their passion all the time and become the pioneers and advocates of civilization.”

The school motto of  Over 10,000 of freshmen stood up and took the oath of Gratitude & Responsibility solemnly, initiating a brand new life journey as a “new SJTUer”.


Translated by Wang Jiayu  Reviewed by Wang Bingyu