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Awarding Ceremony of 1st Yuanchuang Cup Contest Held in SJTU

May 02, 2017      Author: Jiang Qianqian

On April 24th, a series of activities relating to the awarding ceremony of the first Yuanchuang” Cup Originality and Creativity Contest Disruptive Technology of SJTU were held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU).  Jiang Sixian,  Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and Party Secretary of SJTU, Lin Zhongqin, SJTU President, Vice Party Secretary of SJTU, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Huang Zhen, SJTU Vice President, and Zhu JIan, Vice Party Secretary of SJTU, as well as representatives of forum guests, students and staff and leaders from major cooperating organizations and supporting organizations attended the ceremony.

“Yuanchuang Forum”, held at Minhang Campus on the morning of the 24th, was hosted by Guan Xinping, Executive Vice Director of Office of Research Management.

Huang Zhen said that “Yuanchuang” Cup contest, with strong support from state departments responsible for technology management, was born in the background of “mass innovation”, and “Yuanchuang Forum” was one of a series of activities generated by this contest. The forum, with “Technology innovation leads the future” as its theme, provides a platform for students and teachers to communicate face-to-face with distinguished masters, scholars and experts focusing on cutting-edge technology research in various fields.


At the forum, Wu Yousheng, an expert in Ship Mechanics and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, An Shidong, a council member of China Strategy Culture Promotion Association and senior researcher of Foresight Think Tank, Bai Xiaochen, a researcher at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Zhu Xiangyang, the SJTU Accredited Professor, director of Robert Research Center, director of “State Key Laboratory of Mechanics Systems and Vibration”, Sun Baode, the SJTU Accredited Professor, Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, delivered wonderful and interactive reports respectively around the topics “maritime and underwater space equipment technology”, “innovative aerospace technology”, “cross biotechnology innovation”, “intelligent system technology integrating biology, mechanics and electronics”, and “advanced materials”.


After the forum, university leaders including Jiang and Lin and the scholars and experts were invited to see the award-winning works and listened to the introduction by their designers.

The awarding ceremony for the first “Yuanchuang” Cup Contest was held in the afternoon and hosted by Zhu Jian.

On behalf of SJTU, Lin Zhongqin pointed out that confronting with the era of national revitalization and rapid technological revolution, SJTU faces both challenges and opportunities, and we should successively adapt ourselves to the “new normal” of innovation-motivation to forge ahead to path of constructing a world-level first-class university.



Huang Zhen introduced the organization activity of the competition on behalf of the Committee.


Jiang Sixian awarded cups to the designers of 17 winning entries.

After the awarding ceremony, university leaders, directors from institutions, schools and labs, and invited scholars togetherly visited SJTU’s technological innovation lab, including microwave photons, intelligent interaction and cognitive engineering laboratory, laboratory robotics institute, multi-function towing tank, photonic integrated laboratory with quantum information and the exhibition hall of the School of Material Science and Engineering, and closely exchanged opinions with researchers.


Translated by Zhang Yifan      Reviewed by Wang Bingyu