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Rehman from SMSE Won the Best Innovation Award in 15th “Challenge Cup”

April 28, 2017      Author: Wang Bingyu

The 15th Challenge Cup National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Contest ended successfully in shanghai University on Apr. 26, 2017. Hafeez Ur Rehman and Muhammad Imtiaz, Pakistan Students from SMSE of SJTU won the Best Innovation Award and Excellent Organization Award with Thermo- and Electro-active Shape Memory Polymer and Composite Materials with High Cycle Life project on behalf of SJTU.




Under the instruction of Prof. Liu Hezhou, Prof. Zhu Shenmin and Ms. Chen Yujie, Hafee Ur Rehman and Muhammad Imtiaz investigated thermo- and electro- activated shape memory polymers and composites which can be applied in blades of drones, artificial muscle and the hinge of reflectors. Besides, the results have been published on Composites Part AJ. Mater. Chem. A. Both Hafeez Ur Rehman and Muhammad Imtiaz have won the 2016-2017 SMSE international student scholarship.




SMSE have emphasized the students’science and technology innovation work and have outstanding achievements in three Challenge Cup Finals with one Outstanding Award, two First Awards and one Second Award. The carnival activity is the important part of 15th Challenge Cup international section. International students from SMSE contribute to the improvement of Challenge Cup’s international influence. With the expansion of international student enrollment, SMSE explores the new mode of cultivating innovative talents and set international student scholarship and scholarship committee to encourage international students to do science and technology innovation works. SMSE focuses on the establishment and improvement of innovation cultivating system and promotes both industrialization of innovation results and communication of international students, building a favorable environment for cultivating all kinds of innovative talents.

The Challenge Cup contest has been hold for 30 years since 1989, attracting thousands of college students from more than 2000 universities in China to participate, known as Chinese college students of academic science and technology “Olympic” event. It has achieved remarkable results in building of innovation system and platform, cultivating innovative talents and leading innovative culture.



Translated by: Xiao Xiao, School of Material Sciences and Engineering