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SJTUers Gained Good Results in 2019 MCM/ICM

April 25, 2019      Author:

Recently, the 35th MCM/ICM contest announced the results. Among the 17 Outstanding Winners, SJTU got 2 Outstanding Winners. SJTU also got 4 Finalists. Moreover, SJTU won 53 Meritorious Winners and 82 Honorable Mentions.


For the two Outstanding Winners, one got the AMS Award and COMAP Scholarship Award, the other got Ben Fusaro Award. This is the first time SJTU has won AMS Award and COMAP Scholarship Award. SJTU has gained another remarkable result in this international contest after winning the world’s best result last year,

Prof. Gao Xiaofeng and Prof. Shao Xianyi from the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering and Prof. Li Daming and Prof. Shang Jianhui from the School of Mathematical Sciences made great contributions to the organization and instructions for the teams, laying a great foundation for before the contest. Particularly, Prof. Gao Xiaofeng has constantly been the instructor for 3 years, and his students have gained 9 Outstanding Awards so far, which makes the best performance among Chinese universities.