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[SJTU Wisdom] Breakthrough was Made in Heisenberg Uncertainty Relation

November 01, 2016      Author: Ma Zhihao


Recently, Professor Ma Zhihao from School of Mathematical Sciences of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Feng Mang Research Group from Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Vedral from Oxford University in England cooperated and proved a new Heisenberg uncertainty relation by way of ultra-cold ion experiments. Research results are conducive to understand the basic principles of quantum mechanics, and have a profound influence on the practical technological applications of quantum communication. Relevant research results are published on Science Advances, one of Science series, which mainly publishes innovative breakthroughs in natural sciences.

The research was highly evaluated by the three reviewers. In an evaluation, the reviewer noted "Heisenberg (and other physicists interested in the foundations of quantum physics) would presumably have been delighted seeing such experiments where individual quantum system can be deterministically prepared and read-out with near unity detection efficiency."

This research was finished with the support of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Ma Zhihao is the co-corresponding author.


Translated by Zhang Yifan  Reviewed by Lu Siyu