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SJTU Team Realized Graphene-Catalyzed Cleavage of C-C Bonds Under Room Temperature

February 05, 2018      Author: Xiao Ding

Recently, the scientific research team led by Zhao Yaping from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) reported the catalytic activity of graphene for the first time. At room temperature, graphene can catalyze the reaction of silver nitrate and ethanol to form silver cyanide, successfully breaking the C-C bonds in ethanol. This discovery opens a significant path for the breakage of the C-C bond in ethanol and the synthesis of nitriles under mild conditions. This discovery was published online in an article titled "Graphene-catalyzed formation of C≡N bonds via cleavage of C-C and N-O bonds in ethanol and nitrate under room temperature" on Scientific Reports, the sub-journal of internationally renowned journal Nature on December 29th, 2017.

The mass production and application of quality graphene are one of the hot research topics. Professor Zhao Yaping's research team has been dedicated to the production and application research of flawless graphene, and created the technology to produce large-scale graphene, which leads to a series of research results in graphene-based flexible super capacitors, flexible transparent electrodes, thermal management materials, and anti-corrosion coating.

The first author of the journal is Doctor Candidate Sheng Xiaoding, and the research was co-conducted by Doctor Candidates Wang Wucong and Gai Yanzhe as well as the correspondent author Professor Zhao Yaping. This research was supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No.: 21576165).


Translated by Zhang Yifan    Reviewed by Wang Bingyu