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SJTU Researchers Fully Upgrades Medical Products against the Epidemic

March 10, 2020      Author: Wang Chenxuan, Wang Hanqun

Based on the clinical feedback from Wuhan, improvement has been made to enlarge the coverage and visual range of the handing anti- spatter surgical isolation cover. This second generation of isolation cover has been put into use in the frontline, including Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, despite the needs for other institutions’ help in production and transportation.

A few days ago, the first generation of isolation cover designed by the joint R&D team of researchers from Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital (of SJTU School of Medicine), SJTU School of Biomedical Engineering, International Innovation Center of Tsinghua University (Shanghai), as well as Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center has been put into use in the frontline combating the epidemic. Because this product can effectively interrupt most of the virus, the infection risk of frontier hospital workers during operation has decreased significantly and the secondary pollution induced in medical treatment has been avoided. After only a few days, the team came up with a comprehensively upgraded version (the second-generation hanging anti-spatter surgical isolation cover) and had it sent to the frontline.

Thanks to Researchers’ Quick Response, the Performance of Version 2.0 Improves Greatly 

While working around the clock to facilitate the production, the researchers had been constantly improving their design based on clinical experience and feedback from the medical staff in the frontline. On March 1st, the tested samples of the upgraded isolation covers were finally delivered and gradually applied to the hospitals as well as epidemic diagnosis and treatment centers in Wuhan and Shanghai.

According to professor Xia Weiliang from SJTU School of Biomedical Engineering and a key member of the R&D team of the isolation cover verison 2.0, their products are not so much an eye-catching design as an protective device for our fellowmen in the combat, since it is of vital importance to guarantee the safety of every single doctor and nurse. With more products put into clinical use, the R&D team strives to meet the increasing demand from hospitals for newly improved isolation cover. Upon receiving the message or official letter from the frontline, doctor Wu Jiajun and professor Xia Weiliang make best efforts to ensure that the products will be sent to them as soon as possible. 

Version 2.0 Has Been Applied to Many Hospitals amid the Completion of the Third and Forth Generation Product  


Ever since the successful development of the disposable anti-spatter isolation products, doctor Wu, Professor Xia and their team have been working to make their products available in the frontline within the shortest time. Since the second generation of such products are designed mainly for high-risk clinical operations and are temporarily in shortage, most of them are mainly given to medical staff responsible for critical patients in frontier hospitals as well as epidemic diagnosis and treatment centers, including The Third People’s Hospital of Hubei Province, Jinyintan Hospital, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University East District, Ezhou Central Hospital, team of Zhongshan Hospital, team of Renji Hospital, and Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center.

Companies Work together and We Need to Do More to Satisfy the Basic Need

It is said that doctor Wu Jiajun and Professor Xia Weiliang have applied for relevant research funds and are expecting to receive the special fund of SJTU for interdisciplinary research on coronavirus in medical and engineering area. Parties in the R&D team have entrusted the patent matters to Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, who granted four companies (Joymed Technology in Shanghai, two in Suzhou and one in Shenzhen) free utilization of such products during the prevalence of coronavirus to ensure the effective application and management during actual practice. At the same time, their collaboration has been appreciated and supported by Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration.

During the spreading of coronavirus, the timely appearance of the second-generation isolation cover is of practical value and vital importance. It is a solid protective shield for medical staff exposed to the virus and undertaking high-risk operations. In normal conditions, it can also be used in tuberculosis, multidrug resistant bacteria and other treatment operations where medical staff are easily to be infected.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, SJTU has been making full use of its interdisciplinary advantage in medical and engineering science, pooling research force of the whole institution towards disease prevention and control. This deed, especially the application of its mature scientific and technological achievements in practice, shows the effectiveness in meeting the needs for epidemic prevention and control through accelerating technological transformation and application. Standing unswervingly with the medical staff in the frontline, researchers from SJTU School of Biomedical Engineering seek truth and solutions from science and ensure the quickest delivery of their products to the front. It is their quick response that provides our fellowmen with strong support for combating the disease. Shanghai Jiao Tong University believes that the nation will go through the hard time with mutual care and help.