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SJTU Prof. Ma Zhihao and His Partners Made Important Achievements in Quantum Information

June 25, 2018      Author: Ma Zhihao


Recently, Prof. Ma Zhihao from the School of Mathematical Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and his partners have made a number of important achievements in quantum information, which have been published on the Physical Review Letters and Physical Review A, both being authoritative international physics journals.

Together with Feng Mang's research team from the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Ma Zhihao verified the Landaue principle about quantum through experiments for the first time. This work was published on the Physical Review Letters, a top journal in physics, and included in Editor’s Suggestion and Featured in Physics. The Xinhua News Agency made a special report on it, which was reprinted by People's Daily Online.

Abstract of the paper: One of the outstanding challenges to information processing is the eloquent suppression of energy consumption in the execution of logic operations. The Landauer principle sets an energy constraint in deletion of a classical bit of information. Although some attempts have been made to experimentally approach the fundamental limit restricted by this principle, exploring the Landauer principle in a purely quantum mechanical fashion is still an open question. Employing a trapped ultracold ion, we experimentally demonstrate a quantum version of the Landauer principle, i.e., an equality associated with the energy cost of information erasure in conjunction with the entropy change of the associated quantized environment. Our experimental investigation substantiates an intimate link between information thermodynamics and quantum candidate systems for information processing.


Translated by Chen Qianqian  

Reviewd by Wang Bingyu