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SJTU Leaders Conducted a Field Study in Qingpu West Hongqiao Beidou Base

March 12, 2018      Author: Yang Miaoqin


On March 9, Party Secretary of SJTU Jiang Sixian, Standing, SJTU Vice President Wu Dan, officials of Domestic Partnership Development Office and the professor group of School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering carried out a field investigation in China Beidou Technology Innovation West Hongqiao Base and discussed about "university and region cooperation " with leaders of Qingpu District. Secretary of Qingpu District Zhao Huiqin, District Committee Member and Deputy District Mayor Yu Xufeng, Deputy District Mayor Wang Lingyu also participated this field study.



Beidou West Hongqiao Base is the exemplary result achieved by the innovation team of SJTU Professor Yu Wenxian, SJTU national strategy for the service of intellectual resources, and the regional industry development. During the four years since the base opened, it has developed rapidly and gained remarkable industry accumulative effects. At the beginning, Jiang Sixian and other SJTU leaders visited the exhibition hall of the park and the iconic products from some companies. They also exchanged thoughts with the representatives of the companies about the application extension of Beidou technology.


After the visit, Jiang Sixian held the Industry-University-Research Meeting, with the theme of "university and region cooperation". At the meeting, Yu Xufeng introduced the industry development in Qingpu District and said because of the rapid expansion of capacity, it was urgent to reserve a great deal of relevant technology talents. Su Yuezeng, Party Secretary of the School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering, introduced the strength of his school and set out his vision for Industry-University-Research. Yu Wenxian, president of Shanghai Beidou Research Institute and President of Academy of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of SJTU, cited entrepreneurial practices of university and region cooperation and delivered a report on expanding Beidou intelligence industry and strengthening university and region cooperation.

Zhao Huiqin showed heartfelt appreciation for SJTU delegate's visit and expected the education and talents of SJTU would come into Qingpu District so as to speed up the leapfrog development of Qingpu's industry.


Translated by Huang Yiqing  Reviewed by Wang Bingyu