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SJTU Held Online First Class of the Spring Semester in 2020

March 01, 2020      Author:

On the afternoon of March 1st, SJTU held an online first class of the spring semester in 2020. In a special time of epidemic prevention and control, Jiang Sixian, Secretary of the Party Committee, and Wang Hui, Dean of of School of Public Health attended the class offline with the online participation of over 50000 faculty and students from over 100 countries across the world. SJTU President Lin Zhongqin presided the class.

Jiang Sixian and Lin Zhongqin Sent Words to All the Teachers and Students 


Jiang Sixian offered all the teachers and students a first class of the new semester that assured the victory in the fight against the epidemic and emphasized the importance of taking online courses. He said that let us overcome the hardship with mutual care. On behalf of the university, he first extended warmest greetings and heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers and students as well as their family members and friends. He also expressed his best wishes to those who now still stay in Hubei Province.

In the first class, Jiang Sixian put forward two requirements for all the students. He hoped that they could treasure time and keep working hard wherever they are and that they could take the current situation of combating epidemic as an opportunity to deepen their faith and promote their development and growth.

Lin Zhongqin hopes that students can inherit and promote the good tradition of SJTU. For this reason, he put forward three suggestions on students’ online learning: learn more consciously, support the teaching reform, and cherish their families, country, and the world. This universal battle with the COVID-19 epidemic has made students deeply understanding of the situation of the nation and the whole world.

Dean of Department of Public Health, SJTU, Made a Special Report on “Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control”

"Today, as a medical staff fighting at the front of public health, I am very honored to deliver everyone the first lesson upon the new semester on this podium", said Wang Hui, Dean of Department of Public Health, School of Medicine, SJTU. She made a report entitled “To Participate in the Prevention and Control of the Virus” , in which she introduced the basic medical information and knowledge of novel coronavirus pneumonia to faculty and pupils.

SJTU is Holding an Online “Feast of Knowledge”

The vivid, informing first lesson delivered online serves as a prelude to SJTU Online Teaching Program for 2020 Spring Semester starting from March 2. Relying on the online teaching platform, most theoretical courses will be taught through a variety of online teaching activities, such as live streaming lectures, recorded lectures, MOOC, and seminars.

Over 1,000 teachers involved in more than 3,000 courses this semester all responded positively and devotedly. Of these courses, more than 200 are taught in foreign languages by over 100 teachers, 55 of whom are currently abroad and will telecommute simultaneously.


Translated by Zhang Wenying, Fu Jing, Li Wenqi    

Reviewed by Wang Bingyu