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SCMC Successfully Performs Intractable VT RFCA on Youngest Patient in the Country

January 06, 2016      Author: Xia Lin

Recently, Shanghai Children's Medical Center at School of Medicine, SJTU successfully performed RFCA (Radio Frequency Catheter Ablation) on a 13-month patient suffering intractable left bundle branch ventricular tachycardia. This operation, reported by foreign media as RFCA's success on the youngest patient, breaks the domestic record by applying RFCA to the youngest patient in the country. This marks clinic application of catheter technique, blind needle technique, in particular electrophysiology RFCA to infants and young children reach international advanced level.

Heart rate of a healthy people is controlled by atrionector. Heart rate of an adult is 60-100 per minute, children under 150 per minute. However, Chaochao, a 13-month patient reached 250 per minutes. The atrionector of his "insane heart" lost control of heart rate, which lead to crying and dysphoria, low spirit and blood pressure drop, even life-threatening symptoms like cardiac insufficiency.

Chaochao's parents could not bear to see their child suffering from disease and electric shock any more and gave full trust and cooperation to LI Fen, the doctor in-charge. Prof. LI Fen, leading the Department of Cardiology at SCMC (Shanghai Children's Medical Center) performed RFCA for Chaochao. Prof. LI Fen and his team punctured the catheter from femoral vein and reached atrium dextrum through inferior vena cava. Even though the operation as rather risky, it was successfully done after 3-hour hard-work.

Prof. LI Fen mentioned that this operation not only conquered technological difficulties, but also brought new insights of RFCA's adaptation diseases to people. According to Prof. LI Fen, SCMC performed RFCA on approximately 500 infants and young children in recent three years, in 2015 the stats even exceeded 190, which ranked top in domestic pediatric hospitals with international advanced technique and success rate. This successful operation and its experience bring more confidence and hope to not only doctors, but also infants and young children suffering complication followed congenital heart diseases and congenital cardiac arrhythmia.





Translated by Wang Yifan      Reviewed by Wang Bingyu