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Professor Ping ZHENG Presented Keynote Speech on IHTC-15

September 28, 2014      Author: Institute of Engineering Thermophysics

The 15th International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-15) held in Tokyo, Japan from August 10th, 2014 to August 15th, 2014. Professor Ping ZHENG (also known as "Ping Cheng") from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Science, had been invited to present a keynote speech entitled with "Recent Work on Microstructures & Wettability Effects of Heated Surfaces in Pool Boiling" during the conference. More than 1200 delegates from over 40 countries or regions all over the world attended the conference.


Professor ZHENG introduced the recently advanced research results of his research team in the field of pool boiling. His report aroused many researchers' interest and created a warm atmosphere for audience.


The International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC), nicknamed the "Heat Transfer Olympic," is the world's premier conference for scientists and engineers in the heat and mass transfer research community, who convene every four year to exchange the latest information. In the year of 2010, represented by Professor Ping ZHENG, the Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics (CSET) won its bid to host the 16th International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-16) in Beijing, China on August, 2018. It is the first time for this institute to hold its meeting in China since its establishment in 56 years ago. As the organizing committee chair of IHTC-16, Professor Ping ZHENG introduced the preparations for this conference.





Source: School of Mechanical Engineering