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Prof. Liu Xila Elected “Education Personnel of the Year 2015”

February 29, 2016      Author: Jiang Qianqian


The Award Ceremony for Education Personnel of the Year 2015 was held at Shanghai Education TV Station in the evening of Feb. 1. Professor Liu Xila, a 76-year-old part-time ideological and political teacher from School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineer who always devoted himself into the education of undergraduate students, was elected Education Personnel of the Year 2015.


Born in the family of teachers, Liu's father was tenured professor at China Pharmaceutical University. The most impressive thing about his father is a quote hanging on the wall of the living room. The quote is from a renowned educator, Mr Tao Xingzhi, "fill the heart with devotion without asking for anything in return". With such family tradition, Liu deeply understands the scarcity of teaching career. Thus when Liu himself turns into a teacher, he always attachs great importance to the evaluation from students. His students's devotion into building the whole nation to a prosperous one is the greatest relief for him.

According to the award words, "All majors should be taken equally in the terms of education in your perspective; And the most important thing is to cultivate talents for our country. A 76-year-old man, together with his students, devoting himself into his country."This election was held together by Shanghai Civilization Office, the Party Committee of Education and Health, Education Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Education Press Group, Shanghai Education TV Station and Shanghai Middle School and Primary School Endowment Fund.



Translated by Yue Jianfeng   Reviewed by Wang Bingyu