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【High Attention from Science】 To the Scientific Pursuit of the 120-year-old SJTU

March 27, 2016      Author: Liu Yiting & He Xianmei


A special issue focusing on the achievements of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in scientific research, titled as "Pushing the boundaries of scientific research: 120 years of addressing global issue", was published in the Science on March 11th, 2016. The issue shows that SJTU, among the oldest universities in China, is modern and cutting-edge; it went though many vicissitudes in the history, but now is full of vigor and promise; it is a pioneer and innovator, and is pushing the boundaries of academic research in the world.

The Science following the process of scientific research of SJTU via the whole media



The special issue published on March 11th 2016 in the Science, was included in the catalogue of its online version, which was the first time that the digital version of the Science included special issues in its catalogue. As one of the most authoritative academic journals in the world, the Science pays attention to major original scientific research and research reviews. In recent years, universities and colleges in China, of which SJTU is an outstanding example, have made significant progress in scientific research, drawing great attention of the leading academic journals such as Science and Nature. This is why the Science pays such high attention this time.

Without doubt, the special issue is a precious academic gift to celebrate the 120th anniversary of SJTU. Focusing on hot international academic topics, it includes 23 frontier scientific works representing the research level of SJTU, covering six scientific fields of Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Bio-agriculture, Biomedicine and Economy. With the significant influence of Science upon international academic fields, the special issue showcases the long-standing scientific spirits of SJTU to the world, echoing the deep meaning of "Learning in SJTU".

Introducing SJTU to the world and Making SJTU Understood

The Science is a world-renowned academic journal focusing on comprehensive matters concerned with the wide implications of science and technology. Its circulation, 130,000 a week, ranks the first among international academic journals. Every print version has more than 700,000 readers, and every online version has a readership of 15,600,000 people. Most readers are scholars and intellectuals from developed countries, 67% of which own a doctoral degree. The journal is circulated worldwide, but 80% of the circulation is in North America and Europe.

The supplement on the 120th anniversary of SJTU will be encapsulated with the journal of Science and circulated worldwide in proportion, the circulation of which is 21,000. The preface, "Seizing opportunities, fighting for change", includes four parts----"Education for Tomorrow", "Keeping pace with society's priorities", "Continuous innovation and exploration" and "Centuries of cultural heritage". It gives an overall introduction of how SJTU seized opportunities in the new era, and made various achievements after bold reforms.

Views from the chief of the supplement of the Science:


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