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English Version of Doctor Zha's Diary in Wuhan Is about to Start Presale

May 31, 2020      Author:

Since its publishing on April 26th, Doctor Zha's Diary in Wuhan, the first doctor's diary at home recording the fight against COVID-19, has been printed for 4 times within a month due to large orders from bookshops online and offline, arousing great public concern. Reporters learned from the publisher, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, that the audio books will be available for free on platforms such as Himalaya, iQIYI, Xuexiqiangguo,and Muzhiyuedu.

In a month, both paper books and audio books are available online and offline. Wu Xuemei, Doctor Zha's Diary in Wuhan's editor in charge as well as vice copy editor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, said that nobody was an island in the past few months and the best way for future generations to remember what has happened today is to leave behind us a book, and for publishers we go for this diary.

Himalaya is part of the effort in making Doctor Zha's Diary in Wuhan an audio one, as the anchor read the stories in a clear voice and with full emotion. Moreover, together with its anchors and upstream and downstream ecological partners, Himalaya introduces a program named "Combat COVID-19" to its users, which helps a lot by providing official information and reliable protective measures. Up to now, relative videos on Himalaya of the fight against COVID-19 were viewed more 0.8 billion times.

It is said that its English version of Doctor Zha's Diary in Wuhan has been completed and is about to start presale in Amazon in early June.


Translated  by Zhang Wenying     Reviewed by Wang Bingyu