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Chest Publishes Renji Hospital Doctor’s Poem about Fighting Against COVID-19

May 05, 2020      Author:

On May 5th, the famous journal the Chest published a poem titled Fighting the Novel Coronavirus together with You written by Li Jia, a doctor from Department of Rheumatology of Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. It was also the first time for Chest to publish a literary work about what Chinese medical team have done in this fight. The value and influence it boasts is no less than that of an academic paper.

The journal Chest (SCI source journal, IF 9.657), founded in 1935 by ACCP, is well-acclaimed as one of the most influential journals in the field of respiratory and critical illness in the medical circles.

On January 28th, 4 days after the Chinese new year,when Li Jia was off the night shift, she heard that the third medical team from Shanghai Jiao were heading for Wuhan. At that time a friend of her asked when would she go to Wuhan just for fun, but she replied with a simple "when country calls me". We don't hear those words quite often these days, but indeed they are the most sincere expression for her feeling. There's nothing she could do but worry about her country.

She wrote her sentiment swiftly and translated into English, submitting to Chest, an international scientific journal with a history of 85 years. On January 30, the editorial department sent her an email to request "Author Confirmation/Conflicts of Interest Disclosure form". She followed the routine and filled in her information.

On February 1, Li Jia received an email from the chief editor of Chest, which said that her submission was accepted. Her first English poem, though written in a hurry, turned out to be unexpectedly successful. As the outbreak continued and many doctors left for the frontline, Li Jia also responded to the hospital's appeal as a candidate of the medical aid team to Hubei.

On May 5th, "Fighting the novel coronavirus together with you" was published online. On this day, she read the notice from the editorial department of Chest to all contributors on the website: "Partly because of a large number of submissions, and partly because editors and reviewers are currently facing the growing clinical needs of COVID-19, there have been some delays in review. Please be assured that we are working hard to process high-priority and time-sensitive manuscripts as soon as possible. "

At that moment, she felt the warmth brought by medicine and the joint efforts around the world in the epidemic. She hopes that everyone will be safe on every day in 2020.


Fighting the novel coronavirus together with you


This winter was too long

Why was the cloud blocking the sun?

This winter was too cold

You left your home

You were too hurried to say goodbye to your son

Worrying about something when you turned around.

Your parents are aged

And your children are very young

You were conducting clinical trials and writing papers

But you have made a choice

To struggle for a free breath with your courage and a golden heart

I saw you in Fever Clinic and Isolation Ward

Pale, exhausted and trying so hard

You winked at me

And told me to be brave like an iron

Oh, my sisters and brothers

You are my sunshine

I am touched beyond words

I would like to share responsibility

For healing the wounded and rescuing the dying

You are Hippocratic's tagalong

I am here with you

Impressed by your sweat and strength

I believe love makes the world a better place


 Translated  by Zhang Wenying , Fu Jing     Reviewed by Wang Bingyu