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ACEM Executive Education Ranked 1st in Asia for 3rd Straight Year

May 18, 2017      Author: Antai College of Economics and Management

Antai College of Economics and Management's (ACEM) customised programmes have been ranked No.8 in the world and best in Asia by Financial Times (FT) executive education ranking 2017. Up one place from the ninth last year, it is the third year in a row that the college has climbed in customised programme ranking. All the 8 core criteria all ranked top 10th, among them the criterion of "Future Use" ranked at the first place for two continuing years, and the criterion of "Value For Money" ranked as the 2nd, and the criterion of "Follow up" and "Teaching methods & materials" as the 4th, "Growth" as the 5th,"Preparation", "Program design" as the 9th, and the index of "Faculty" ranked as the 10th. ACEM has also entered open-enrolment programme ratings for the first time and came in at 32 worldwide.The overall ranking calculated from both customised and open listings of the top 50 schools placed the college at No.15 in the world.


FT rankings measure the quality of both programmes based on participants' and clients' satisfaction and the schools' academic and comprehensive strength.Since first entering customised rankings in 2015, ACEM has achieved continued progress and maintained its standing as top executive education provider in Asia. Its tailor-made programmes, offered to corporate customers after detailed consultation in terms of business models and specific demands, are highly valued in key criteria - recognised as the best in the world in Future use and top two in Value for money for two consecutive years.Clients also praised the courses' follow-up support and teaching methods (both No.4 worldwide), and its unique combination of the global and the local.'The college's image, as well as its courses, case studies and teaching all have a modern and international feeling to it, which appeals to a new generation of young executives in our firm. But studying here is definitely not "learning everything west", rather there is considerable focus on domestic best practices,' said one client from an international banking company.

Executive Education is a non-degree course that mainly targets on the high-level enterprise executives besides MBA and EMBA. Being one of the major projects in mainstream business schools, EE is widely accepted and welcomed by enterprises for its guiding significance in business practice. The FT Executive Rankings for 2017 is globally recognized as the most standard and authoritative ranking, due to its rigor selective criteria and subjective accessing method. The ranking is based on individual questionnaires of students who have finished the course, and the accessing criteria includes course design, teaching materials, teaching faculty, skills, follow-up, aims achieved, future use, view for money and partners with customer satisfaction being the core criterion. The ranking has also conducted a comprehensive and statistical assessment on international participation, faculty and projects.

In light of China's 'Belt and Road Initiative', ACEM has designed and launched new programmes to meet the demands of related countries. The course for Chinese businessmen in ASEAN in Singapore, origin of the Maritime Silk Road, and the customised programme for TBEA, a key manufacturer based in Xinjiang, starting point of the Silk Road Economic Belt, have both been well received by participants.The college has also set up a Belt and Road Innovation Alliance, hosting training and fostering exchanges with fourteen higher education institutions along the route.

In open-enrolment courses available to all working managers, ACEM has also made an impressive start, came in at No.32 as a first-time entrant, which, when combined with customised rating, saw the college standing at No.15 in the world. Follow-up support (No.2 in the world) for open courses was also particularly highlighted by students.'Sustained good performance in FT rankings confirmed the college's leading position and further proved its strength and standard in the field of executive education, ' said ACEM Dean Zhou Lin.

Translated by Yue Jianfeng     Soure: Antai College of Ecomonics and Management