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Repeating “一筆揮之” after Derrida: Writing Across The “Chinese Prejudice”, Waiting for a Calligraphic Prelude

Speaker: Kyoo Lee
When: 14:00, March 15, 2018 ~ 16:00, March 15, 2018
Where: Minhang Campus, Old Admin Building, Room 501


Jacques Derrida’s deconstructive thematization, in Of Grammatology (De la grammatologie, 1967), of the so-called “Chinese Prejudice” as “a sort of European hallucination,” the supplementary othering of ideogrammatic characters, has generated considerable inquiries including interrogations into Derrida’s own blind insights, his Chinese prejudice operationally reiterated as part of the very process of deconstructing the legacy of the Modern European “West.” What else can be said about this point at this point? How would one exit this seeming dead-end? This lecture-seminar explores a calligraphic event of writing as a gestural alternative to the given aporia traceable to Derrida’s “(archi-)writing,” his focus on signatory “inscriptions.”