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Direct Access to Functional Porous Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage: From Ordered to Hierarchical Structures

Speaker: Prof. Jinwoo Lee, Department of Chemical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
When: 10:30, January 22, 2018 ~ 11:30, January 22, 2018
Where: Lecture Hall, Chemistry Building A, Room 528

In recent decades, considerable research effort has been devoted globally to the development of new and renewable energy devices. For this, functional porous materials have attracted much attention as electrode materials due to their interconnected pores, controllable pore sizes and structures, and controllable pore wall chemical compositions. Compared with hard templated method, block copolymer self-assembly allows a one-pot simple process rather than tedious multistep procedures to prepare ordered mesoporous materials. Hierarchically porous oxide materials have immense potential for application in catalysis, separation and energy devices. However, these materials have been synthesized using multiple templates and the associated complicated steps hampered widespread application of such materials. Our research group developed a simple one-pot strategy for the synthesis of inorganic oxide materials with multiscale porosity. Mesoporous inorganic particles and hollow spheres are of increasing interest for a broad range of applications, but synthesis approaches typically are material specific, complex, or lack control over desired meso- and macrostructures. Our research group reported how combining mesoscale block copolymer (BCP) directed inorganic materials self-assembly and macroscale spinodal decomposition can be employed in multicomponent BCP/hydrophilic inorganic precursor blends with homopolymers to control their structure. The designed porous materials developed by our group have been employed as high performance electrode materials for anion exchange membrane fuel cells (AEMFC), hybrid supercapacitors, Li-S battery, and Li-O2 battery.

Speaker biography:

Prof. Jinwoo Lee obtained his B.S. (1998) and Ph.D. (2003) from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of Seoul National University, Korea. After his postdoctoral research at Seoul National University (with Prof Taeghwan Hyeon, 2003-2005) and Cornell University (with Prof. Ulrich Wiesner, 2005-2008), he joined the faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in June, 2008. Recently, he was promoted to full professor. His research includes synthesis and application of ordered functional porous materials and shape controlled nanocrystals. He is also working on the enzyme mimetic nanocatalysts for high performance biosensors. He has published more than 160 papers in prominent international jounals and has had more than 12,000 citations with 51 H-index.