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Crosslinking of Polymer materials with electron beam

Speaker: Marc Minon(Application Expert,ebeam Technologies)
When: 10:20, October 12, 2017
Where: Hall 528,Chemistry Building

Marc Minon was graduated as Chemical Engineer from the Ecole de Chimie de Lille in 1990. After having completed his studies by a Master of Science in Advanced Chemical technology, he has worked for different companies all active in the supply of pigments or special additives for the formulation of coatings, inks and plastic polymers. He has been in charge for PPG Industries of the commercial development of UV/EB curing coatings during several years and became in 2007 one of the associate founder of RADSYS, a consulting and engineering company active in radiation technology (IR, UV and EB). He joined ebeam Technologies in early 2017 to support the Business Development Team. At today, he has more than 15 years’ experience in various applications of electron beam technology that include curing of inks and coatings and crosslinking of polymer materials.