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The Biography of Artefacts and Practices : a framework for studying the unfolding of technological innovation in real time

Speaker: Robin Williams
When: 10:30, April 17, 2017
Where: 401 Law Building, Minhang Campus

The dominant and highly productive methodology of Science and Technology Studies, revolving around ehtnographic studies of particular locations, does not match the phenomena we investigate, which emerge and develop over multiple settings and extended timeframes. The seminar will discuss the contribution of the Biography of Artefacts and Practices perspective which multi-site ethnography and longitudinal studies seeks to capute both the detailed dynamics of technological change and how it is emerges from and is shaped by is prior historical settings. We propose new approaches to developing programmes of enquiry and for research design of particular studies that are reflective of the consequences of particular adopting particular framings and viewpoints for the knowledge that is produced.