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Polyimides: High Temperature Polymers

Speaker: Prof. Marc J.M. Abadie, Institute Charles Gerhardt Montpellier ICGM ‐Aggregates, Interfaces & Materials for Energy (IGCM/AIME UMR CNRS 5253), University of Montpellier, Montpellier, France
When: 10:00, April 24, 2017
Where: Room 528 at Chemistry Building A

Systematic and extensive research activities on Polyimides started @DuPont in the 50‘s with Cyrus E. Scroog. Rapidly it turns out that in the US, in Europe, in the Soviet Union and later in China, this new class of polymers referred to as heat resistant polymers or high performance polymers, whose the macrolecular backbone is constructed with altenate moities of aromatic rings and heterocyclic units, are materials essential for the development of the high‐tech industries viz. aerospace and microelectronics. This interest can be explain by the fact that these high performance polymers offer a combination of outstanding properties including thermal stability, chemical resistance, good mechanical and dielectric properties, and high glass transition temperature. In general, these polymers are synthesised by step growth polymerisation. Depending on the chemical structure of the monomers, linear, crosslinked and hyperbranched polymer architectures can be designed.In the first part we will consider the relationship of the thermal stability with the backbone structure of the polymer chain and the role of the hydrogen bond. The diferent type of polyimides will be considered : linear polyimides with linear condensation polymers and addition polyimides, and thermoset systems based on end‐ capped structures. We will discus the Tg values based on the free volume and the structure of the backbone chain of the polymer. Example of chemical metallization of polyimide films is disclosed as well as their protective coatings with in Situ Self‐Repair Ability for aerospace applications and photosensitive polyimides negative&positive tone for microelectronics as well.