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Tuition Payment


Please send the money to the following account (Please clearly write your name and your payment details):

Name: Shanghai Jiaotong University

A/C: 454659250319

Bank Name: Bank Of China Shanghai Branch Grand-Gateway Sub-Branch


Bank Address: No3 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, China

Postal Code: 200030

Bank Telephone: +86 21 64070906

Payment on Campus

For New Students

  • New students can pay the tuition by remittance, credit cards, personal check, traveler’s check, and cash in Chinese currency(RMB) or US Dollars.
  • From the second year, all bachelor degree students Who have opened bank accounts are required to pay the tuition fee via the individual accounts in Bank of China, deducting the amount of money of tuition automatically by the bank. Therefore, before August 15th every year, please deposit enough money in RMB for the tuition fee into the account. On the registration day, student should get their invoices before going through the registration procedure.

For Registered Student

  • A registered student may apply to open an individual banking account in Bank of China and therefore is to own a bankbook and a debit card.
  • The Chinese currency and some eight foreign currencies can be deposited into this account. The card can also be used at home and abroad, for transferring and consumptions on POS. The students are required to deposit Chinese currency(RMB) into the account and pay the tuition fee.
  • The charges for payment on POS:
    • The school will pay the charge if RMB cards with symbol “Yinlian”(银联) are used;
    • The students are required to pay the extra charge if non-Chinese cards are used. Only VISA and MASTER cards are available.

Tips for the Remittance Form

Name: Student Name

A/C: Student Account Number

Bank Name: Bank Of China Shanghai Branch Grand-Gateway Sub-Branch

Bank Address: No3, Hongqiao Road, Shanghai,China


Addition: Please make a note: EXCHANGE INTO CNY (RMB)